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As a lifelong resident of Kenosha, Paul Yutka has strong ties to the community and was very involved in grade school and high school athletics at St. Mary’s and St. Joe’s. He attended UW-Madison for one year where he played football for the Badgers until an injury prevented him from continuing his involvement with the college team. He returned to Kenosha to resume business courses at Gateway Technical College, where he graduated with an Associate Degree before entering the United States Air Force. After basic training he was stationed in Duluth, MN, for a short time and then in Germany for three years. Paul returned to Kenosha in 1968, at which point he established his own company, called Yutka Construction. He soon determined that his company would specialize in fence-related contracting work, and the company name was changed to Yutka Fence. Over 45 years later, Paul still takes pride in providing excellent fence products and services to residents and commercial enterprises in the area where he grew up.

23868_247734242023060_1427795626_nFor most of his career, Paul operated the business out of his home. He performed all fence estimates and installed each fence with the help of a small crew he employed. Paul and his wife Trudy raised two sons, Chad and Brett, and instilled in them the same work ethic and values that have made Yutka Fence so successful. Chad and Brett grew up learning about and participating in the fence business. When the boys were young, they spent time at Paul’s old fence yard in central Kenosha organizing fence parts for him. As they got older and learned more about fence products and installation, they began to install fences with Paul.  Chad and Brett continued working at the fence company throughout high school and even returned to Kenosha during summer breaks from college at UW-La Crosse to install fences with their father. After graduating from college, Chad and Brett became Industrial Asset Appraisers. In 2004 Brett decided to leave his position as an appraiser and go into business with his father.

Paul and Brett worked together installing fences until 2006, when at the age of 66, Paul decided to focus most of his time on conducting residential and commercial estimates, which he continues to do today. In early 2007 Paul and Brett purchased vacant land where they built an office and fence yard in order to accommodate the growing storage and workspace needs of the company. Brett took on a management role in 2007 and is proud to work alongside Paul to carry on the business that his father put so much time, energy, and heart into for so many years. In early 2013 Paul and Brett purchased an existing building located on I-94 and Highway E in Somers. This new location allowed for an expansion of the outdoor display as well as for more office space.

While the location and structure of the company have changed and expanded over time, the strong foundation of honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship have not changed since Paul started Yutka Fence over 45 years ago. Brett shares the same passion as his father for providing high quality fences that meet the diverse needs of their customers. They do not waiver in their commitment to use superior fencing materials and installation methods to ensure the fences they put up are a representation of the high standards they set for all aspects of their business.

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