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At 30 years old with our first baby on the way, Brett and I took the final step in making Yutka Fence our future.

The company wasn’t handed down to us, nor would we have wanted it to be. In 2009 we bought it from Brett’s parents, Paul and Trudy, which meant we were financially invested. We already knew our hearts and minds and energy were invested, so the “transaction” of buying the company was the last piece. Our intentions were clear then, and they’re even clearer now. We are preserving Paul Yutka’s legacy while also working hard to leave our own positive imprint on another generation of communities and families we serve.  

We will constantly raise the bar for the type of experience we create for our customers and offer product guarantees that are better than any others available in the fence industry. Our company culture focuses on collaboration and continuous learning to support each team member in their personal and professional journey of growth. We aim to do our best each day with our individual talents and create relationships with customers that are rooted in honesty by doing the right thing at all times.

At the core of everything is a desire to dream big…


Brett and I met and became friends in high school, but we weren’t high school sweethearts. We attended different colleges but kept in touch. Looking back on it, we always saw something unique in each other that kept us connected. Little did we know, it would eventually lead to us dating at 22 and getting married at 26. I often wish I had more than one lifetime to live with Brett. Since one lifetime doesn’t seem like enough, the way I choose to spend my months and years with him matters deeply. The same is true for Brett. Being business owners and a husband and wife team who work together closely is an uncommon thing, and we are fortunate it works for us. It’s a gift. Setting intentions for our life and our business is energizing, and we discuss it often. At the core of everything is a desire to dream big and create a life for ourselves and our children that is rich with experiences and centered around being good people. 

Our three children are growing up in the business, just like Brett and his brother did. While we have no expectations of them taking over the company, we believe the lessons they learn from watching their mommy and daddy run a business will influence their thinking and give them courage to be bold as they set goals and pursue their own dreams and passions. Honesty in life and in business is huge to us. The importance of it can’t be understated. Aside from that one rule of honesty, we like to remind ourselves, our team, and our children that most other “rules” can be questioned. Some of the most amazing adventures Brett and I have had in our marriage are when we challenge rules and norms and choose to do things differently. Pushing past the norm and forging our own unique path is exciting and fulfilling in our business and in our personal lives. We’re constantly on a journey of discovering and becoming more of who we want to be as people and as a company.

Honesty in life and in business is huge to us. The importance of it can’t be understated.



His & Hers

If we’re doing things right, our company should be better this month than it was last month. We’re constantly on a journey of becoming more of who we want to be as people and as a company.

Brett Yutka

I love to sing often and loudly.  I was not blessed with singing as a talent.

I can eat an entire cob of corn nonstop without missing a piece – typewriter method.

More about Brett

Laurie Yutka

Traveling is my passion and it brings me to an entire new level of happiness. My favorite places to go are
to Italy to see my family and to any Spanish-speaking country, where I can immerse myself in the
amazing Hispanic culture.

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The IT List

Where we stand on movies, date nights, guilty pleasures, and more.

Brett Laurie


UW-La Crosse UW-Madison


Business Management and General Technology Spanish and International Relations


The Tim Ferriss Show, Bulletproof Radio, Biohacking Secrets The Tim Ferriss Show, Goal Digger

TV Show

American Idol The Bachelor


Playing soccer Travel

Favorite Movie

Rocky (all of them) The Sound of Music

Ideal Date Night

An overnight at a bed and breakfast Outdoor concert at Ravinia

Favorite Music

Avett Brothers, Dave Matthews Band Rap/Hip Hop

Random Fact

My office is a backpack I wish I could dance like Beyoncé

Favorite Quotes

“Knowing is the enemy of learning” “Wherever you are, make sure you’re there”,  “The road is better than the end”

Skill I’m
Working On

Essentialism Improving my Spanish and Italian

Praise for Yutka


We are so pleased with our new fence. The workmanship is perfection and the installers were so professional and polite. Not a piece was left for us to clean up. It was a pleasure to do business with Yutka Fence and you will be highly recommended to everyone. Thank you.

- Bob & Anne Schuster

Praise for Yutka


Good afternoon Brett, First of all I want to thank you and your company for the install of our new fence that was completed on Monday. My wife and I stopped in at your office about 2 months ago and talked to you about our options and what would be best fit for us. You spent some time with us and we appreciate your time.

- Chris A. Simon - Racine

Praise for Yutka


We are extremely pleased with the results of a job recently performed by Yutka Fence. The end result was exactly what I had in mind. From my personal experience, Yutka Fence has demonstrated quality and professionalism at its best. Thanks again.

- Toni Galligan – Kenosha

Since 1968

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