Commercial Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences – Affordability and Security

The most cost effective and commonly used fence option to provide security is chain link.   The most common configuration is to use three strands of barbed wire on the top of the chain link. Razor ribbon can also be added to the barbed wire option to increase the effectiveness of the fence. Yutka Fence uses Master Halco fencing for our chain link projects.

Known for its strength and durability, chain link is perhaps the most economical type of fencing available. Chain link comes in several wire sizes, mesh sizes, and different heights. The framework is available in different thicknesses and diameters depending on the application.

Yutka Fence uses welded gates (vs. corner brackets) and will add turnbuckles when necessary to prevent the gate from sagging.

Welded Wire – Offers a more attractive option than chain link fencing and has become popular in the last ten years. It offers the security of chain link along with the look of ornamental fencing, falling somewhere in between in terms of price.

Galvanized – A zinc finish protects from corrosion to extend the life of your fence. All the fence fittings, posts, and framework used for chain link fences are galvanized.

Aluminized – Aluminized fabric provides a smooth surface and is ideal for use in areas where children or animals may come in regular contact with the fence. It has a protective aluminum film with the ability to re-form its protective barrier after being scraped off.

Vinyl coated – An alternative to standard chain link, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a combination of plasticizers, stabilizers, and PVC resins, which is resistant to fading, chipping, and cracking. This coating is extruded or fuse bonded to chain link to form an additional layer of protection against the elements. The PVC coating comes in several colors – black and green being the most common – and is often specified by cities and municipalities for fencing that will be in a high visibility area.

Privacy Link – Standard privacy slats inserted into chain link offer approximately 75% privacy. Privacy links are pre-inserted slats that have a larger chain link mesh than what is standard and provide approximately 97% privacy. The wire comes galvanized or PVC coated to match the insert color.

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