Residential Chain Link

Chain Link Fence by Yutka FenceDurable and Economical

Chain link fences are an economical choice for added security when you don’t need privacy. We use commercial grade materials that are durable and long-lasting. If you like the strength of chain link but also want added privacy, we can install privacy slats, which will also help to prevent trespassers from climbing your fence.

Known for its strength and durability, chain link is perhaps the most economical type of fencing available. We have installed chain link fences for almost every application imaginable in our 45 years of business. We have the capability to handle any project from standard yards and gates to custom solutions. When evaluating your options for chain link fences, it is important to pay attention to the specifications of the materials for which you are getting quotes, as the thickness and diameter of the fence materials used to construct your fence will vary from company to company. Yutka Fence uses commercial grade materials from Master Halco as our standard for all chain link fences. Our chain link walk and drive gates are custom welded at our shop, which gives you a much stronger frame versus companies that make their chain link gates with corner brackets that can break or twist.

We can install a variety of chain link materials including:

GALVANIZED: Durable, economical, and all-purpose

ALUMINIZED: Smooth finish great for children, pets, and playgrounds

VINYL COATED: Attractive finish in multiple colors that blends well with surroundings

PRIVACY LINK: Privacy slats inserted in fabric allow you to tailor visibility up to 98% privacy

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