Residential Steel Fences

Steel Fence by Yutka FenceThe Strength of Steel

We are proud to offer Ameristar products, including the Montage line of steel fences.  Before Montage, ornamental metal fences were either too costly or required too much maintenance for most homeowners. The Montage line of steel fences combines design flexibility, a maintenance free exterior, and a structurally sound welded construction to give you an affordable and attractive product that will add value and style to your home.

Ameristar employs the same cyclic testing technology used in the automotive industry to ensure that the maintenance-free E-Coat finish on Montage fences will endure harsh weather conditions and repeated seasonal changes in temperature without rusting, chipping, or fading.

Montage’s welding process combines fusion and laser technology to weld rigid, yet virtually invisible structural connections with no unsightly exposed fasteners. Montage is great for sloping yards and can follow grades as severe as a 30″ rise in an 8′ run without large gaps underneath the fence.

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