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Durable and Attractive

Yutka Fence has done the research for you in order to find superior vinyl fence products which offer many distinct advantages that competitor products just can’t match.

A durable and well-built vinyl fence can enhance your property value and simplify your life with its no maintenance design. In contrast, a poorly built and deteriorating vinyl fence will detract from your home’s appearance and require time, energy, and money to repair. We encourage you to learn more about what makes our vinyl fences so different from low quality consumer grade vinyl fences that mislead customers with inaccurate claims about their maintenance requirements. They may save you money up front, but they usually cost you much more time and money in the long run than if you had invested in a quality product from the start. At Yutka Fence we offer two lines of professional grade vinyl fences that are constructed to withstand harsh changes in weather and the activity of your backyard.  We are proud to install vinyl products from Vinyl Works and Active Yards, which we selected for their ingenuity, quality, durability, and value. Both lines have the following features:


All of our vinyl fences are reinforced with a metal channel along the entire bottom rail of the fence. Lower quality vinyl fences often sag over time because they don’t have any reinforcements in the bottom rails to support the weight of the sections.


Yutka Fence’s vinyl posts have routed holes that accept the horizontal rails of the 8’ fence sections. The result is a streamlined exterior that is free of visible fasteners and a stronger fence that remains securely in place and can follow the grade of your land. Our vinyl picket fences also have routed holes in the rails that the pickets fit into, which make the fence stronger and more attractive than consumer grade picket fences that use glue to attach the pickets to the rails. The glue will fail over time in some spots and the pickets will fall off the fence. Low quality vinyl fences come with brackets that are used to attach the sections to the posts. These brackets can be brittle and usually only engage a small area of vinyl, so the sections are not held tightly to the fence posts. The weak connection points will cause the fence sections to sag or fall off the fence posts completely. In addition to the strength differences between a routed vinyl fence and a bracketed system, the overall appearance is quite different. A low quality fence has visible brackets that detract from the fence’s appearance, where as a routed fence has a clean look that is not broken up by unsightly brackets. Fences put together with brackets cannot follow grade changes in a yard so the sections have to be stepped, which produces visible gaps underneath the fence that look unattractive and do not keep small pets contained. The brackets are often painted steel, so after a few years they will start to rust and bleed down the fence. You won’t be able to replace the rusted hardware with better hardware without seeing the holes in the fence where the inexpensive hardware used to be. A vinyl fence with a routed post and rail system like Yutka Fence uses will always surpass a bracketed system in strength, appearance, and performance.


Our vinyl posts have thick exterior walls that extend 3’ into the ground. They are strong enough to support the weight of the 8’ wide sections that make up all our vinyl fences. The vinyl posts are manufactured with added features that help to prevent them from being lifted out of the ground by frost in winter. In order to make vinyl fences more budget-friendly, manufacturers of low quality vinyl fences will make their post walls thinner to save on materials costs. Because the posts are thin and weak, wood posts must be inserted inside the vinyl posts for strength. As the wood posts rot over time inside the vinyl posts, they will be ineffective in supporting the fence sections properly and the entire fence will lean and sag. Even when a wood post is inserted in a vinyl post to add support, the sections can only be 6’ wide. A fence made with 6’ wide sections looks busy, while a fence made with 8’ wide sections looks streamlined and elegant. Low quality vinyl fence posts are usually shorter and smaller than professional grade vinyl fence posts. The inexpensive posts often slide up out of the ground as a result of the frost because the manufacturer didn’t add any features to the posts to help keep them secure in the ground.  Most low quality vinyl fences have posts that only extend 2’ in the ground. We know from our decades of experience in the fence business that any fence put up with posts going only 2’ deep will have major performance issues. After exposure to frost and wind, the fence will lean because the posts aren’t deep enough. The only fix for posts that are too short is to replace them with longer posts, which is a very time consuming and labor intensive repair that may cost homeowners close to what they paid for the fence when they originally purchased it.


Low quality consumer grade vinyl fences often fade and discolor over time because they are produced with recycled plastics that aren’t made to endure continuous exposure to sun and seasonal weather changes. The manufacturers of inexpensive vinyl fences can make their products cheaper by using less titanium dioxide, which is an important additive that protects fences against fading. Yutka Fence’s professional grade vinyl fences are manufactured with virgin vinyl that has higher levels of titanium dioxide infused into the fence during the manufacturing process. Your vinyl fence’s color will maintain a bright, like-new finish for seasons to come.

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