17Beauty and Protection

You’ve invested in your fence, but like most things in a home, there needs to be ongoing maintenance done to ensure it lasts a long, long time. If you don’t have the time, ability, or desire to provide the ongoing staining to keep your fence looking new, then contact the fencing professionals at Yutka to help.
Yutka Fence offers fence stain services to our customers at affordable prices using Wood Defender products. If you choose not to stain your new wood fence, it will eventually weather to a silvery gray color. Staining your wood fence allows you to maintain a new fence look for years, while protecting your investment. To achieve uniform staining, ideally the stain should be applied before the graying process begins. Typically, cedar fences begin to gray after three to six months depending on the time of year the fence was installed. If your fence has already begun to turn gray, we have techniques for restoring the wood and bringing it back to its natural color before staining it.

19We have invested in high quality staining equipment that allows us to stain your fence and leave your yard looking better than before we came. Our application process is superior to traditional brushes, rollers, or residential grade sprayers that often leave runs, drips, and an uneven appearance. Staining is a labor intensive and time consuming task when you choose to do it yourself. Yutka Fence can save you time and energy by using our professional staining equipment and high quality stain to protect your fence and give it a rich and long-lasting color that complements your home. The semi-transparent Wood Defender stain we use comes with a two-year warranty that can be renewed if you call us before the two-year period has passed to stain your fence again.

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