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Yutka Fence is blessed to be celebrating over 45 years in business.  Over our history, we have been able to install fences throughout Wisconsin and Illinois for people who have strong ties to their schools, churches, neighborhoods, and local businesses.  Yutka Fence firmly believes that we must support those in need, especially those within the communities in which we are invited to work.  For many years the Yutka family and many of Yutka Fence’s employees have personally supported charities and civic organizations locally and globally through monetary and in-kind donations.  In addition to giving back outside of work, we wanted to establish a program through Yutka Fence that allowed our customers and our team to work together for a common cause within our community.

In 2014 we established a new program that will give you – our valued customer – the chance to be part of our mission.  Each year, Yutka Fence will select one family or individual to receive a chain link or wood picket fence at no charge, which will be installed by the owners and employees of Yutka Fence.

You’re probably wondering how the recipient of the free fence is selected…and that’s where YOU can get involved!  Yutka Fence customers will have the opportunity to submit an application for a family or individual in need that would benefit from a fence, but who does not have the means to pay for the fence on their own.  People who would qualify for this program could have a disabled child or adult in the household, one or more foster children, a family member serving in the military, a low annual income, or other circumstances that make it financially difficult for them to afford a fence. Yutka Fence is excited to be giving quality fencing to people who need it in our local community.

The process for submitting an application for a family or individual in need is simple:

  • Print and complete the application below and send it to Yutka Fence
  • Applications must be received by January 31st of each year
  • The Yutka family will narrow down the applications to those people they feel are most in need of the fence, and out of that group of applications, each employee at Yutka Fence will vote to determine which individual or family will ultimately receive the new fence
  • The recipient of the fence will be chosen in February of each year based on applications submitted by customers Yutka Fence invoiced during the previous calendar year
  • The recipient’s new fence will be installed within the first half of each year

Applicant Criteria

  • Although Yutka Fence realizes the importance of family pets and their safety, this program will focus on donating a fence to someone who needs it for security reasons or personal safety concerns
  • We do not require that you know the family or individual personally for whom the application is being submitted; you may simply know “of” them and their circumstances
  • After selecting the final group of applications to vote on, we will confirm that the information on the applications is correct and truthful so that we are certain we’re donating our materials and services to someone who truly needs it

Please help us give back to our community by taking the time to submit an application for a family or individual who you believe is in need of and deserving of a fence.  Thank you for supporting Yutka Fence’s mission to always keep our civic duties a priority as we operate our business.

Our sincere thanks,

Paul, Trudy, Brett and Laurie Yutka

Recommendation Form For Fence Donation

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