What is a Certified Fence Professional ?


Certified Fence Professionals

The American Fence Association has a rigorous certification process for fence professionals in which an individual can become a Certified Fence Professional (CFP) by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to using quality products and improving standards within the fence industry. The final step in completing the certification process is passing a comprehensive four-hour exam to test an individual’s knowledge of all aspects of the fence industry.  Owner and President of Yutka Fence, Brett Yutka, is one of only 18 Certified Fence Professionals in Wisconsin and Illinois.

A CFP will have a good understanding of specifications, product quality, sound business practices, finances, and installation techniques that will help assure a first-class product for the consumer. A CFP must meet a continuing education requirement as well as industry service requirements to maintain this certification. By focusing on current ASTM specifications and the federal specification RRF-191, a CFP understands specifications, product quality, and installation techniques to assure professional installation.  The detailed CFP exam tests individuals on the following aspects of fencing:

  • general business principles
  • lien and right of rescission laws
  • construction specifications
  • simple interest and other mathematics
  • general practice of fence installation
  • estimating
  • electric gate operations
  • basics of ornamental, wood, PVC, chain-link
  • ASTM and federal specifications

Candidates for the CFP designation must:

  • provide a personal history including any details of service to the industry
  • take a comprehensive examination
  • undergo a peer review process
  • sign an affidavit
  • fully commit to the AFA Statement of Business and Ethical Practices

Certified Fence Professionals are at the top of their industry. The CFP exam is so stringent that certain states are adopting CFP standards to which all fence professionals must adhere. Look for the CFP designation on business cards, letterhead, and websites when choosing a fence contractor.

In the contracting industry, it’s important that things are done right from the start. Yutka Fence’s dedication to setting and upholding high standards of business for all aspects of our operation have earned us the honor of a Blue Ribbon Contractor designation through the American Fence Association.  Our customers have the right to expect the best in quality installation, products, and service. Yutka Fence has been meeting and exceeding those standards since 1968 and strives to be a leader in the fence industry through ongoing industry education and involvement in leadership training opportunities.

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